Personal Branding



I read about your 3C model and while I get the first two components easily, Clarity and Commitment, how do I work on Consistency? I am a L&D and OD expert and my areas of expertise are employee engagement and organizational design. What must I do to build my personal brand?


By asking this question itself you are on the way to success while making your personal brand come alive. Knowing that you are making progress in some parts and not able to proceed with others is a sign that you have dwelt on the subject deeply. I would recommend the following approaches to get started:
- Start with your online presence and review how you have positioned yourself. Do you pitch your expertise in the headline, say on Linkedin? Does it indicate that you are inclined to help people become better with L&D or OD? If not, tweak the content to read like that. Then provide supporting information in your About section on how you have helped businesses and individuals become successful with your expertise.
- Contribute articles on the topic – while you may have interests in many related subjects like leadership, design etc keep the focus on L&D/OD only and weave all content on those lines.
- Participate in online discussions and follow key leaders in your domain
- Over time, pitch your ideas to these leaders
- Invite testimonials from leaders in your domain. Those can add value to your profile.
- Seek organizations such as consultancies who bring out reports on L&D to allow you to share perspectives or chapters
- Sign up as a teacher in a Bschool and help the school by designing a course or educating students. When you teach, you will learn.
- Reach out to journalists who write on L&D and OD and give your POV
Hope this help.