I am an internal communication  advocate, author, trainer and consultant with a keen interest in social sciences research.

Having spent many years leading employee and corporate communication teams in multinationals and Indian firms I have been drawn towards organizational communication approaches and strategies that involve, empower and inspire employees to go the extra mile. My inter-disciplinary research interest focuses on social psychology in the context of communication satisfaction, organizational citizenship behaviors, organizational identification, workplace inclusion, personal branding and corporate social responsibility.

In 2021, I completed my PhD in organizational communications. My thesis focused on the relationship between communication satisfaction, organizational identification and organizational citizenship behaviors among knowledge workers in India. Using a mixed method approach, my study explored the degree and level to which employees' satisfaction with communications inside their organizations can influence how they align with their firms and to what extent they will perform citizenship behaviors. My findings were broadly consistent with prior research especially with how employees' satisfaction impacted their ability to identify with their organizations. However, a surprising finding was that communication had a negative impact on their affinity to perform citizenship behaviors. This can be due to the possibility of citizenship pressure, compulsory citizenship behaviors, escalating citizenship behaviors or job creep - based on literature which delves in these areas. However, that will need to be explored. 

Staying hands-on at work provides me with the best perspective to gain insights about human behavior and turn them into strategies which bring results for organizations and individuals. I often present papers at national and international conferences. 

My interest is to continue further research opportunities in regions where my experience of over 22 years in the industry and my passion for research can be put to best use.