Are you seeking a game-changing partner to revolutionize your communication strategies and personal brand? Look no further than Intraskope – led by globally acclaimed consultant Aniisu K Verghese, Ph.D. - Award winning communications leader, author, speaker, researcher and advisor with over 22 years of experience in Asia and Europe. - Speaker on 4 continents. - Associated with International Association of Business Communicators, IPRA, RMIT University and Polish PR Association - Research scholar with book chapters and papers published

Results Oriented

With over 22 years of experience across Asia, UK and Europe, Aniisu is an award-winning communications leader, speaker, author, and advisor. Associated with top industry bodies, his expertise is your winning edge. - Outcome based and personalized approach to individual and group communication interventions. - Measurable and focused engagement that involves stakeholders in achieving goals. - Author of Inclusive Internal Communications (2023), Get Intentional (2021) and Internal Communications - Insights, Practices and Models (2012). - Contributing author to Shared Services and Outsourcing Network and the Institute for Public Relations.


Whether you're a business leader, manager, HR pro, or seeking personal branding guidance, we've got you covered: • Strategic Communication: Our blueprints drive engagement and results. • Leadership Messaging: Hone your presence and messaging skills. • Content Strategy: Craft narratives that captivate. • Training: Elevate your team's communication prowess. • Social Network Strategy: Leverage networks for innovation. • Personal Branding: Create an authentic, focused personal brand. • Communication Coaching: Elevate your skills.

We're not about theories; we're about impact. Our approach delivers tangible outcomes, tailored for individuals and groups. Aniisu conceptualized and implemented award-winning campaigns on employee, crisis and change management at leading brands and with globally recognized firms. He received the IABC APAC Communicator of the Year Award (2022) and PR Council of India Hall of Fame Award (2015).

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Internal Communications

Intraskope helps organizations and practitioners get their staff on the same page with impactful internal communications. Gain from effective audits, build strong strategies, enhance leadership presence, improve employee experience and involve staff to be passionate brand advocates.

Personal Branding

Understand yourself better, appreciate your circumstances and environment and use a proven model to create a consistent, authentic and focused personal brand. Get assessed, trained and coached to present your best self to the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Build robust systems to drive your organization's environment, social and governance approach and application. Involve employees to be volunteers of change. Create opportunities for engagement and connection. Learn to assess societal impact and report outcomes.


Unleash Possibilities Let's co-create, innovate, and elevate your communication game. Partner with us for joint studies, solutions, and enhanced competencies.

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