Personal Branding

Authenticity and Branding


Hi Aniisu,
I believe branding is all about authenticity. However, being there's a world of difference between being yourself and being your ideal self. The being your 'ideal self' may be a conscious behavior to be accepted and valued. How then does one build a brand for himself, and who is your definition of authenticity in personal branding?


Great question - Johnston! It is good to aspire to have an 'ideal self'. However, you being yourself is more authentic and engaging that trying hard for an 'ideal' self. Among the myths about personal branding are that one can build a brand online, that being famous means you have a personal brand, that all it takes is to be visible to people and that networking is the best way to build a personal brand. It does takes a lot more. Research studies and reports indicate that people look for signs of trustworthiness, credibility and authenticity – every time you interact. Just like the ways brands build trust and can lose it as quickly the same practice applies for personal brands. The best way to approach personal branding is to think of the 'other'. It isn't as much about you than how you need to add value to others around you. Go deeper into your area of specialization and be the best in your field. You can’t be a jack of all trades and master of none. To be authentic, one needs to begin with the purpose in mind. Write up in a single sentence about what you stand for and how you will build expertise, add value to others and reinvent yourself for the world. That is the approach to authenticity in personal branding.