• Take this self-assessment and read the associated scores and rubric to understand how you currently fare. 5F stands for Facing, Finding, Faring, Feeling and Flourishing - key aspects to navigate life and be successful in your own right.

    Facing (Professional)

    1) I know my industry and work function well

    2) I engage my peers and others in my area of expertise

    3) I can identify professional distractions that come in the way of my work

    Facing (Personal)

    4) I know my strengths and capabilities

    5) I can apply my thoughts independently

    6) I can manage personal distractions that come in my way

    Finding (Professional)

    7) My colleagues know my strengths and are aware of how to leverage it

    8) I am viewed as a person who collaborates at work

    9) I am perceived for my ability to influence at the workplace

    Finding (Personal)

    10) My family and friends know my interests and strengths

    11) I am approachable and trustworthy

    12) I am aware of my family and friends’ interests and strengths

    Faring (Professional)

    13) I take my team and others along at work

    14) I am known for charting my own career at work

    15) I live the values of the organization I work for

    Faring (Personal)

    16) I am adding value to others around in my circle

    17) I can cope with the expectations of life

    18) I have a daily practice schedule that keeps me grounded

    Feeling (Professional)

    19) I can be my own self at work

    20) I give my best in the work I do

    21) I am able to self-direct myself

    Feeling (Personal)

    22) I know my sources of energy

    23) I can self-motivate myself

    24) I am able to manage my emotions


    25) I can balance my priorities while making a positive difference to the world around me

    26) I am aware of my strengths and of those whom I regularly interact with

    27) I can make appropriate decisions with pace and passion