I help people and organizations find their 'sweet spots' through effective and measurable communication, employee advocacy and community action.

Early in my career, I discovered my love for connecting people and civic action and I delved deeper into internal communication and corporate citizenship. In 2012 I authored Internal Communications – Insights, Practices & Models (Sage Publications) to share practical advice and lessons for communication managers and leaders. My goal is to help employees, managers, leaders, and organizations be their best through simple, effective and measurable communication. I worked for brands leading creative campaigns and interventions that tell compelling stories. 

In 2003, I co-founded Friends For Life, a road safety NGO that helped raise awareness among youth and children about staying safe on the roads.

One of the highlights in my journey has been a storytelling campaign that built pride and improved employees; connection to the company purpose. The idea recorded over 300 stories within the first 3 weeks of its launch and continues to surface more than a story a day for over a year!

I am passionate about helping students, communication practitioners and leaders find their professional pursuit and personal branding 'sweet spots' through my blog, talks, and workshops.

Over the years I have provided and continue to share expert media commentary and perspectives on culture, social media, employee and leadership communications.

More information about my work is available on my blog ( You can reach me at