• Carving a niche and being your best in an evolving world can be challenging. Without a clear purpose and strategy for your personal branding journey you can lose your way very quickly. Moreover, there are several myths about personal branding that cloud how people approach this topic. Many go about building reputation and credibility assuming a personal brand can happen overnight. Take this assessment to know how you fare and what are the opportunities to develop and grow your personal brand. You can look up my blog www.aniisu.com for more insights or reach out to me at aniisu3@gmail.com for advice.

    1) I am able to clearly define my core expertise area

    2) I have a documented plan to build and sustain over time

    3) I track progress on my plan

    4) I am respected by people

    5) I contribute to causes that matter to others

    6) I am always thinking of ways to carve a niche for myself

    7) I am investing in learning and developing my expertise

    8) I am viewed as a dependable person

    9) I can reinvent my approach to suit the plan

    10) I share progress on my plan regularly

    11) I do vocally offer my experience and learning with others

    12) I think deeply about what I want to say