• Is your organization ready for a talent brand that makes an impact? Just stating that your organization is an 'employer of choice' doesn't make it one! It needs a shift in mindset, culture, alignment, and empowerment to make it work. Look up this assessment and gauge how ready your organization is. Rate your understanding on where your organization is on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is low and 5 is high.

    Positive Intent

    1) There is leadership sponsorship to build a strong talent brand

    2) The company has benchmarked and assessed the current state of the talent brand


    3) The talent brand is aligned to the company strategy and vision

    4) A clear and compelling narrative is defined by the company


    5) The narrative is understood and consistently articulated by all employees

    6) Failures are celebrated and the culture encourages open debate


    7) There is a dedicated leader or team overseeing the function

    8) Employer branding practices are consistent across all channels


    9) The company has invested funds and resources to make the talent brand succeed

    10) Employees have a voice, and their talent is tapped to promote the brand


    11) The company invests in systems enable and empower the talent brand

    12) The hiring process is transparent and unbiased