Unconventional approaches and tenacity for personal branding and professional advancement


  • 20 stories from everyday lived and unique experiences
  • Practical insights, lessons and learnings from personal and professional engagements
  • 30+ interviews on personal branding with people from different walks of life
  • A Get Intentional Framework to guide your choices and decisions
  • The 3C Model of Personal Branding
  • Templates to put your learning into practice
  • Assessments to provide context and clarity
  • And more! 
Get Intentional


How can you be driven, distinguished, and dynamic as you chart your own life path? What must you focus on while discovering and developing your authentic self?

This book presents an easy-to-use framework to help students, entrepreneurs, homemakers, and professionals plan, present, and progress in their lives while gaining clarity, being committed, and staying consistent. The focus is on learning from research-led insights and lessons from over 25 people like you and me who are making their mark as personal brands. Get Intentional offers a four-stage approach: from Understanding to Acknowledgment and from Momentum to Signposting that provides a recipe to build expertise, add value, and reinvent yourself. In addition, this book offers a proven 3C Personal Branding Model to craft, curate, and carve a niche. It also comprehensively discusses key enablers that individuals can focus on while going about building their personal brands. The author highlights pitfalls that one needs to avoid while curating their life journeys. Packed with stories, practical wisdom, DIY models, templates, assessments, and resources, this book will empower your pursuit of personal branding success.


Aniisu K Verghese

Aniisu K Verghese Ph.D. is an award-winning internal communications leader, author, and speaker with a passion for personal branding and corporate social responsibility. His mission is to help individuals and organizations discover and develop their ‘sweet spots’ with effective communication. Get Intentional, is Aniisu's second book, blending research-led knowledge and real-life anecdotes to distill lessons and practical wisdom anyone can use to become their best selves in their personal and professional lives. He invites people to tap their potential, be aware of opportunities, and stay clear of detractors while curating a personal brand that lasts the test of time. A Libran, Aniisu strives for balance in a world that can often distract, deter, discriminate, and demotivate.


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