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Facing an internal communications challenge? Keen to get your staff aligned on your goals? Planning to raise your internal communication team’s skills?
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I have driven transformational internal communication assignments with organizations such as Sapient, Fidelity, Accenture and i-flex solutions. My experience includes managing internal social media, launching corporate intranets, editing and publishing company employee newsletters, coaching senior leadership on communication strategy, leading internal branding campaigns as well as crafting effective corporate social responsibility communication. Look up the updates from India’s first ever internal communication workshop series that I conduct – Internal Communications 101 – Essentials For Success and Internal Communications 201 – Driving Change and Elevating Your Presence.

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I conduct independent industry level research on internal communication and other related subjects and collaborate with academics and practitioners.

Look up recently conducted research reports:

State of the Nation – Internal Communications Survey 2014

State Of The Communication Function in GICs (2014)

State of the Nation – Internal Communications Survey 2013

State of the Nation – Internal Communications Survey 2012
State of the Nation – Internal Communications Survey 2011


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I am a visiting faculty at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore and St. Joseph’s College of Business Administration, Bangalore and address students at business management institutes in the country.

I have developed a communication course for prospective managers and students who need to evaluate and take decisions about internal and external communication programming.

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Communication Training

Developing awareness of key skills and techniques in internal communications and learning from best practices will enable you to become an effective internal communicator.
You can learn how to be more adept with crafting messages, building plans and driving change by attending tailored training programs.

Through such program, you will understand the key components of different internal communication approaches, gain practice and use appropriate techniques to be an effective manager and communicator.


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Looking for support in building your career? Interested in identifying your strengths and extending your presence? Keen to elevate your brand using social media?

I advise students and aspiring practitioners on making an impact and being better communicators and achieving your life goals. Reach me at

Content Writing

Here are samples of my articles on internal communication, employee engagement and branding. Looking at syndicating articles and content writing? Write to me at


Five ways to get better at leading team meetings

Economic Times-6 Feb 2017


Humanizing Communication In A Hyperconnected World


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Public Relations Council of India’s 2015 Hall of Fame 

Transactional Analysis 101 Certification (2014)

Editorial Panelist For IABC's Global Publications - Communication World (2014)

Speaker at PRAXIS 2013 - Conducted Employee Engagement Materclass

Speaker at 2011 World International Association of Business Communicator Conference, San Diego - U.S

Elite Panelist - Asia Pacific entries: 2012 International Association of Business Communicator’s Gold Quill Awards.

Bronze at the 14th Godfrey Philips Bravery Awards 2006 – Acts of Social Courage for work on Road Safety

Certificate of Honor for Commendable Professional Rigor – Accenture, 2004

Silver and Honor at 2002 and 2003 Vision Awards – League of American Communication Professionals (LACP). Softrek, i-flex’s employee newsletter ranked among top 50 employee publications

Certificate of Merit: Society of Technical Communications, Australia Chapter: Corporate Employee Newsletter: Softrek

Digital and Social Media Strategies: Driving Organizational Performance

Attended this course and received certification from the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru (2014)

Speaker at 2016 Asia Pacific Communications Summit, Singapore (October 27).

Global Reporting Initiative G4 Certificate (KPMG), 2016

Completed certificate training on the G4 reporting initiative



Testimonials From Internal Communications Workshop Participants

“For a moment, your workshop seemed like the center of the Internal Communication world, with professionals converging from every corner of India to have conversations around Internal Communication and to discover for themselves–a rich lode of industry insight! The value, for me, in Internal Communication 101 workshop lay in its ability to meld research, insight and theory into one vibrant learning experience. The practical exercises simulated real-life work environments. And for every participant, there were valuable communication takeaways. I highly recommend your workshops to any seeker of knowledge in Internal Communication. And, I personally look ahead to the new learning spaces you will create for communicators worldwide.

- Joseph Fernandez, UST Global


“What I liked most about this workshop is that it spelt loud and clear that Internal Communications has arrived. Now young communicators can look up to a very happening career with internal communications. It was the convergence of very talented people from the industry and I came away with a lot of value – an action packed day focused on communications. I look forward to more of these from Aniisu.”

-Anney Unnikrishnan, Allianz Cornhill Information Services (Trivandrum, Kerala)


“The workshop was an amazing experience and an eye-opener in terms of the diversity in internal communication practices across industries and organizations. I have learned as much from my peers at the workshop as from Aniisu’s insights and exercises. Too bad it got over so soon! Would have loved to have a discussion on social media as well. I would definitely love to attend the next one.”

-Ashwini Mishra, Tata Consultancy Services


“Hi Aniisu Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on the success of your second workshop! It was a great experience overall. As I am a fresher in this domain, I learnt a lot about IC from the case studies and the practical experiences of other participants. The session answered many of my questions. I look forward to more of these sessions In future. Thank you for the opportunity.”

  • Anindita Bagchi, HCL


“Congratulations on putting together a commendable demonstration of a lesser weighed subject – Internal communications and the grit to pull it off emphasizing that IC need be under the CEO’s umbrella. More commendable was your conviction that an IC professional, should get into consulting mode…way to go. Your practical insights and case studies were helpful. Getting further into discussions on the IC measurement strategy, will be very welcome.”

  • Renuka, independent consultant


“Aniisu, thank you for providing internal communication (IC) practitioners in India a platform to come together debate and discuss. It was a fantastic workshop where we got to hear perspectives from divergent industries on IC. What I particularly appreciate is the thoroughly researched data that you presented to us and your viewpoints about the same. I look forward to your next workshop and I hope that as IC practitioners we can all collaborate to provide more value to the function and elevate it’s presence within our organizations.”

  • Lisa Thomas, independent internal communications practitioner


“The workshop was a great experience! It was great, because

- I realized that there were a lot of more Internal Communication professionals in India

- it gave IC professionals an opportunity to voice their issues (Boy am I glad there are so many other people on the same boat)

- it was a learning opportunity. (best practices and experiences)

- different perspectives were examined

- it was shown that EVEN IC could be measured and shown to have an ROI (more in the next workshop)

I enjoyed the hands-on approach as we formed teams and brainstormed.

Thank you Aniisu. Look forward to the next one.

  • Collin, Subex Systems


“Thanks Aniisu, the workshop really helped me to understand future trends and current practices of internal communication across industries. the most importantly brainstorming sessions were extremely helpful. the workshop was quite enriching and i am sure this will help me to put my learning into practice as well as to design concrete structure and road-map of employee engagement for my organization.” – Amin, Cipla


“Thanks Aniisu. The workshop was a great experience. It helped me to understand the importance and challenges of IC in today’s world of transparency and democracy. Best of all was the knowledge that everyone brought to the table.” – Arpita, Yorke Communications


“The workshop was good and gave good insights on engagement and communications. I loved hearing different industry perspectives.” – Dipti Rawal, Bank of America


“Thanks Aniisu, the workshop was really very interesting and insightful. It helped me to understand the internal communications practiced in diverse industry sectors. While our organization practices internal communications at a very niche level and department-wise, ideas and thoughts discussed in the forum has given me a benchmark for me to put across an uniform internal communications strategy for the organization as a whole. I believe frequent workshops like these would set a platform for the communication professionals to exchange ideas and thoughts, thereby build internal communications as one of the important stakeholder communication for the future.” – Jaisingh, Cipla


“It’s been just 2 months since I have been inducted into the Corporate communications team in my organization, and this workshop gave a very holistic understanding of internal communications. Different perspectives, from experienced industry experts added value to my learning. As the workshop progressed, I learnt there is a lot of scope for improvement, and as a team we hope to bring in positive changes in our organization. It was certainly a lot of fun working on the collage, ‘envisioning work place at 2030′. Thanks to Aniisu and the other participants for ‘Co-Creating’ a knowledge database, which we could take back home. Hope to be a part of more such fun learning workshops.” – Anushree, Cipla


“Thanks Aniisu, for making the efforts and taking time out to organize this workshop. It was inspiring to know how others carry out the Communication role in their companies and their respective practices. The knowledge and research facts that you shared were an eye opener for me, considering that I was on a year long sabbatical. Eagerly waiting for the next workshop to learn more.” – Suneha


“A highly engaging and interesting workshop. Full of fresh insights and new trends and interesting perspectives.” – Udayabhanu


“The workshop was an effective mix of hands on exercises and presentations that touched on so many relevant aspects of communication. I particularly benefitted from the passion, energy, perspectives and varied experiences from other participants. Thanks Aniisu for this opportunity!” – Aparna Kher, Direm

Testimonials for the book: Internal Communications – Insights, Practices and Models (Sage Publications, 2012)

"Aniisu has always been an evangelist for internal communication; indeed he came to my attention 10 years ago as probably the first commentator on internal communications in India.  Since then I have been delighted to publish his articles to a worldwide audience of thousands of practitioners on our website. His book will be a valuable cornerstone to anyone hoping to develop their career or just become a better communicator in the workplace."

Marc Wright - Chairman, simplygroup

“The greatest organizations, the iconic ones we admire from our age, are built by men and women whose lives are transformed by inspiring corporate visions. Internal communications shapes the conversations that build those great organizations. Aniisu is a pioneer internal communicator, whose insights have enriched the communication world since 2006. He has a unique insight into the realm of internal communications. Whether you are taking your first steps or creating your internal communications niche, I recommend Aniisu’s book Internal Communications: Insights, Practices and Models to you. Read it. For, it holds the keys to the kingdom of internal communication.”

Joseph Fernandez, Author, Corporate Communications: A 21 Century Primer